“The future is bright. The future is JR Sneakers”

At “JR Sneakers” we work each shoe as a unique piece.

We seek harmony, beauty, quality and comfort that will unite the shoe and the customer.

The choice and quality of the materials, the design of the parts and comfort tests are just some of the steps carefully performed in the manufacturing process.

The trust that our clients walk with towards their goals when they wear “J. Reinaldo “, is what makes us create every day.


JR SNEAKERS, boosting harmony for every day.

We have set on a mission to find the ultimate symbiosis between comfort, beauty and quality, thus uniting our shoes and our wearers as one.

Built on the accumulated knowledge of 25 years of solid experience in the footwear industry, we have a methodical approach that always keeps the client in mind throughout the whole process, from choosing the right materials to designing ergonomic appealing shapes and testing the comfort they provide.